These are the characters that appear in the original version of NL told in the chat and later novelized. This is the one that ran for 3 seasons.

Tame TherisEdit

Includes former ferals who crossed The Wall.

Birth Name Birthday Human Description Form Form Description Form Name Protomorph Age Sanctuary Season 1 (2031)
Susan Li Feb. 5, 2015 Asian, straight long black hair, very-dark-brown-almost-black eyes, small Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) Light grey, black line from the eye to the forehead, around 1.8 metres long and 1.7 kg Amphitrite Swimming with friends 13 13 15
Katie Owens March 19, 2012 5'5", really dark brown hair, glasses, white skin with LOTS of freckles Black cat Aterfeles 17 17 17
Selene Barton Sept. 27, 2015 Tall, blonde-red hair, hazel eyes. Horse Reddish coat, dark mane and tail Ayatzi 10 10 17
Anna Wu July 26, 2007 Small Asian woman, short black hair, fierce brown eyes Black panther Good fighting shape, dark gold eyes Bastet Classified 18 18 23
Scott Meadows December 16, 2010 Dark brown eyes, medium-dark brown hair and beard, both currently trimmed short. Stands 5'8". Otterhound cross Large, somewhat goofy-looking dog with a thick, curly-shaggy coat, primarily golden with patches of dark brown to black. Benji Homesickness and general teenage angst, age 13. Discovered at 17 by a university dorm-mate, after dropping a box on his foot. Scott Meadows 20 20 20
Joseph O'Reilly 5'4", dark brown hair, brown/gold eyes Red wolf Beowulf
Britnee Benson March 17 2013 5'4", dark brown hair, brown/gold eyes Red fox (vulpes vulpes) Dark russet fur, long brushy tail (hence the name), black paws, white around the snout and belly Brushytail Pushed down the stairs by a rival student 14 14 17
Bethany Anne Owens Jan 13 2008 5'6", red hair, gray-green eyes, glasses, skinny (Ursus americanus) Bear, red fur Callisto 20 20 22
Krystal Sacks July 1, 2009 5'4", dirty blonde hair, blue eyes Chipmunk Cute, cuddly chipmunk Chipotle 13 15 15
Merrick Vincent September 17, 2009 Great Horned Owl Pale form, essentially whitish with faint buff tinge; indistinct black underside barring. Feet buff, no pattern Circuit Was watching a scary movie with six girls 22
Kyle Mouse Clowd
Selena Moon June 9, 2011 5'5", shoulder-length black hair, grey-geen eyes, shy, quiet Adélie Penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) A small penguin, around 10lb and 25in. tall with white ring around eyes Cuddles Fell out of a tree 13 18 20
Helen Browning Jan. 23, 2017 Blond hair, slight build, freckles Panther Small, black panther Elektra Nightmare 13 13 13
Stephanie 22. August 1,60m; Brown Eyes, Long Blonde Hair Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) Female mallard Ente
Andrew McLean 2 December, 2016 Short, thin (he prefers slim). Grey/blue/green eyes. Longish brown hair. Fennec Fox (Vulpes Zerda) Small blond Fox, with big ears. Lotsa claws 'n' teeth. Basically a Fox Kal Reading in a tree 13 13 14
LB Turtle Small turtle about the size of a fist. Red markings on the head. Kimi 19
Liam Libertis 14 January, 2015 Average height, slightly dark skin, short black/brown hair Mouse Grey mouse Liam Pushed into the pond by his brother 14 14 15
Alexia Arianna Castico April 12, 2016 5'2", green/gray eyes, chocolate brown hair, curly and thick and bushy, kinda like Hermione's Chipmunk The hyperest chipmunk you ever saw Lily Dale Friend about to be hit with a truck, I save her  12 12 14
Lyra Valerius Oct. 25, 2007 Brown curly hair, blue eyes, tall Lion (Panthera Leo) Golden lioness, blue eyes Lyonesse 6 18 22
Malcolm Murphy (formerly Henderson) November 7, 2012 Short blond hair, blue eyes, round face, slim build Harris' Hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus) Harris' hawk with blue eyes Mal Fell off the roof of a building and changed before hitting the ground 18
Samantha Royce January 17, 2015 5'2 long golden blond hair past her waist, chubby , realy realy shy Hamster A small fluffy golden furball Meddma Fighting with her brother and had a panic attack. 15 13 15
Tessa January 30 Looks a lot like Ginny Laborador Meep At school, while playing at recess. 8 8 12
Elayne Kreger September 12, 2013 5'1", with blonde hair cut about at shoulder length. Gray-blue eyes. Sea otter Mesi 17 17 17
Thomas Jackson Murphy September 11, 2010 6'4, strongly built, slightly overweight, tanned skin, short brown hair, deep-set gray eyes (Half-Inuit ancestry) Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) Polar bear with steel-gray eyes Nanuq Traumatic experience - ran into his child-molester uncle on a city bus, had a panic-attack and transformed 20 20 20
Rhea Suresh December 31, 2014 Petite, bronze skin, big smile and big brown almond-shaped eyes. Lithe, long dark curls, a dancer. Cougar (Puma concolor) Nearly full-grown cougar, light tawny fur. Slender and agile, a fighter. Nilaya Stressing out- Afraid of ruining her whole life by botching tests that would decide exactly that up 15 15 16/7
Megan Pryor March 7, 2013 About 5'6", very thick and wavy brown hair, blue/green/grey eyes, pale skin with lots of freckles Siberian Husky About 50 lbs., 22 inches tall, pure white fur, blue eyes Nuala  Home alone, stressing over life in general. Met mother at stairs when running away 16 16 17
Ninian Gunn Tall, thin, pale with a mess of longish, curlyish black-brown hair. European Eagle Owl (bubo bubo) Large grey owl with diagonally slanting 'ears'. Odysseus Depression 19
Katie Black July 29, 2011 Short, black/brown hair. Very serious with a tendacy to make jokes that don't make sense Black-footed cat Dark black/brown cat Smudge Woke up with a tail. 12 13 19
Cindy Chen May 23, 2013 Asian, long, thick black hair, 5'2". Bobcat Small, brown bobcat, with a patch of white on the end of the tail. Snowtips 14 17 17
Derek Cooney February 18, 2013 Average height, lanky, brown, extremely curly hair. Mountain Hare Brown rabbit, with gray-ish white winter coating. Terry Freightened by loud noise at friend's party 15 15 17
Lauren Brown April 11, 2013 Tall girl (5' 10"-ish), brown hair past her shoulders, glasses/contacts, a little on the big side, skin that tans easily (and keeps it) Coyote My fur is varying shades of gray, i have a single all white paw, and one of my ears is also white Yo-Yo 15 15 17

Feral TherisEdit

  • Arcas
  • Chloe


  • Alissa Hall
  • James
  • Luke Brewer
  • Mal


  • Richard Doherty