In v1, the Pack won the right to try to prove that they could live in human society. They were sent out in small groups to foster homes around the country. The experiment was to last one year, and the government wanted them to fail at integrating back into society to prove that they were just animals. To make it harder for the Pack, the groups they were separated into broke up close friends and sibling pairs (that’s why they called it Separation). Some Pack members were discovered during Separation.

The Pack had attracted a certain amount of media attention in their struggle for better living conditions in Sanctuary, and later, for the chance to live outside it. Some of this publicity was under their theri names, and some of it under their birth/official names. During Separation, everyone used assumed names and did not morph in public so no one would know they were theris. (This brought everyone up to three names. One birth, one they used in Sanctuary, and one for Separation.)

Not all of the foster families had good intentions. Some of them wanted to help prove that theris could not live in human society.